The Healer by numbers:


(released Feb. 2017, 11 weeks in theaters):

Seen by over 445,000 people

Raised $1 million for charity

#1 movie in per-screen gross

Featured at 237 cinemas



(May. 19, 14 weeks): 

1,120,573 viewers



(Sept. 18, still in theaters) 

721,998 viewers


Central America

(Aug. 31, 10 weeks) 

294,270 viewers


“The Healer” is a film directed by Spanish film maker and philanthropist Paco Arango (“Maktub”). It features a cast of well-known actors. It was inspired by two things from Connecticut - Paul Newman and The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a Serious Fun Children’s Network camp, founded by Paul Newman. While the film is not specifically about either, Paco was inspired by both when writing the story and making the film. The film is dedicated to Paul Newman.

It’s a feel-good movie about a man who discovers he has the power to heal, and it’s suitable for families and people of all ages. Alec, the main character, gets a chance to clear his debts in exchange for moving to rural Nova Scotia for a year. Once he gets there, he discovers that he can heal people, but he struggles to accept his gift and the responsibilities that come with it. A teenager with cancer shows him the way. 


The movie stars:


Oliver Jackson-Cohen

a British film and television actor who appeared in The Raven and What’s Your Number


Jonathan Pryce

a Welsh actor and singer with film and stage credits, including Game of ThronesPirates of the Caribbean, Brazil, and Hamlet


Camilla Luddington

born in the UK, with roles in Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood